Laurel Collision Repair

Using Insurance to Repair Your Car?

Insurance companies have changed over the last 30 years, and the rules for getting your car repaired have too. This page will help get your vehicle repaired after an accident.

First: File your claim with your insurance company. If someone hit you, you're a claimant. You'll need to contact their insurance company and file a claim on your behalf. It's very important to know the person who hit you is not required to file for you. If you have questions about how to file against another company, call us, we'll be happy to help. Also, before driving to several shops to get estimates, you'll need to find out if the insurance company handling the claim requires any. Don't assume they do, you could waste a lot of unnecessary time and gas. Most insurance companies write their own estimates. If they do, bring a copy to us before we repair your vehicle. That will be the only estimate you need. We will read over their estimate and work with the insurance company. If anything was missed we will contact them.

Second: Many insurance companies will recommend a particular body shop to repair your vehicle. Please understand, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE YOUR BODY SHOP. It is your vehicle, your choice. Speak up and let them know. If you're not sure who you would like to repair your vehicle, talk to an estimator and ask questions. Different shops have different procedures to some extent. It DOES matter who you choose to repair your vehicle. Ask friends and neighbors who they recommend.